Thursday, 9 July 2015

805 Squadron Fleet Air Arm. "Over Sea and Sand."

It's a strange thing to find the Royal Navy in the middle of the desert, but that is exactly what happened in North Africa in 1942 when a carrier full of Hellcats heading for Greece became diverted by the German Navy............Damn inconvenient!

Well, a squadron of USN Hellcats became FAA Martlets and the rest is history. This portly little warplane played it's part in the North Africa campaign earning the respect of the crews and the enemy.

I wanted to depict a Fleet Air Arm Martlet which was based in North Africa in 1942 with 805 Sqn. I used the lovely Tamiya 1/48 Wildcat and built it mostly OOB. This is a typical Tamiya "shake and bake" kit. It almost builds itself it is that good!

The only add ons were the Aeromaster decals and a set harness from the spares box, the base was homemade and the figures were from Hekler and Garros. I enjoyed this build very much and often what it was like for the sailors roaming the skies over the desert.