Monday, 6 July 2015

A Tribute to Ray and Mark Hanna.


I have shown this build before, but it was not quite finished. Before I put the glass lid on the display case, this is how it should have looked. This is the Old Flying Machine's Spitfire Mk.IX, MH434 based at Duxford. 

MH434 was owned by father and son Ray and Mark Hanna, both whom are sadly no longer with us. They thrilled thousands of people with this beautiful Spitfire and their superb aerial displays. They were also two of the nicest gentlemen you could hope to meet. 

So I wanted to make my own respectful tribute to them in the form of Tamiya's 1/32 Mk.IX kit. I airbrushed the markings on using custom pre-cut masks and a custom decal was used for the nose art. Other mods included resin wheels, resin cockpit door, scratch built details in the cockpit, resin and scratch parts for the Merlin engine, brass cannon barrels and two scratch built figures of Ray and Mark. 

The model now sits in a display case, but I wanted to share this with you before the lid went on for the last time. I'm no figure builder, but I hope Ray and Mark wouldn't mind my efforts too much! 

This model depicts a scene from the film about the history of MH434 called "A Spitfire's Story". In May 1995, MH434 was rebuilt and had a new merlin engine fitted, this was the scene just before they fired her up again...............

For Ray and Mark