Thursday, 9 July 2015


The Hawker Sea Hurricane was the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm backbone carrier launched fighter in the early 1940's.

Based on the RAF Hurricane, this fighter was converted to Navy specification early on in WWII to be used as a fleet defence fighter. It's rugged construction was ideal for the punishment of deck landings and with its eight machine guns, four housed in each wing, it also delivered a knockout punch to the enemy!

I have always had a love for Fleet Air Arm aircraft, I headed up a Group Build for FAA models on the Finescale Forums for years! During all that time I never managed to find a Sea Hurricane for my collection. This was in the days before Italeri and Airfix released their next generation new toolings that have taken the lead in 1/48 scale Hurricane kits.

One Christmas my friend Frank presented me a gift of Hasegawa's 1/48 Sea Hurricane, I was Gob-smacked! I just could not find this kit anywhere! Now I had one and I was going to enjoy building it!

The kit is well detailed with a complete cockpit and very well defined surface detail. Building the kit is quite straightforward with the exception of some surgery to the underside of the fuselage in order to install the resin tail hook unit. 

The only gripe I have with the kit is that Hasegawa do not give the modeller option of  posing  the canopy open. Their canopy is moulded in one piece so if one wishes to open it up a vac form canopy would be required. 

I airbrushed the model with Tamiya acrylics and it was weathered using the dot filter method with artists oils. I had seen a clever chap demonstrate this technique in a magazine and thought I'd have a go!

Here is the real P3090 in the air.........

Here is my finished model........