Monday, 6 July 2015

Mah Sweet Eva Lee

This is my 1/32 Hobbycraft P-51A Mustang, named "Sweet Eva Lee" She was based in North Africa as an armed Photo-Recce flight during 1943 and served in Operation Torch.

I did a little extra work to this model by adding spares to the cockpit, drilling out the exhausts, adding a scratch-built P/R camera and dropping the radiator flaps. The base is home made and the figure is by Masterbox.

I first learnt of this aircraft when I bought my first book about model building, it was built in the form of the accurate miniatures kit and to my eye it looked utterly fantastic! For years I wanted to build my own "Eva Lee" and when Hobbycraft released the P-51A in those markings I could not resist. I had a wonderful experience building this old Mustang and learnt a few new tricks along the way.

Here she is as she was back in 1943..........

And my interpretation of her..................