Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Aircraft Scale Modelling F.A.Q. by Daniel Zamarbide

Book Review:

Aircraft Scale Modelling F.A.Q. by Daniel Zamarbide.

Now I don't usually rave about modelling books because after one has bought enough of them one feels that they are "all the same" Not so in this case!

Scale Aircraft Modelling F.A.Q. is without doubt the finest work of reference for any aircraft modeller I have ever had the pleasure to read. The author, Daniel Zamarbide is well known and highly regarded as one of the most talented modellers in Europe today.

A professional award winning modeller, his work has graced many publications and when seen they amaze and delight in equal measure. I have been a fan of his work for some time now and when I heard that AK Interactive were planning to release this volume I ordered it straight away.

This book is aimed at showing the modeller of scale aircraft all of the skills and techniques required to produce better quality models. This is not a run of the mill text with a few staged photo's- what the author has done here is pioneer a new way of teaching modelling techniques by presenting each aspect of a build trough a series of step by step demonstrations  that literally show the reader in words and photo's how each of the shown tasks of preparing, assembling, detailing,painting and finishing can be achieved to better standard.

Helpful guides also discuss the pros and cons of materials and how they may be best applied and used as well as advising the reader on the vast array of methods now used in the hobby to detail and weather models.

It must be said the layout is particularly impressive not only is it well thought out but it looks good too!

Here are a couple of examples of the layout from the book:

The book is a self contained resource that can be enjoyed and used by all modellers of any ability, from beginner to seasoned old pro. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from  
Daniel Zamarbide. not only do we get to marvel at his incredible works, but he shows us how it is all done too!

Highly recommended!

You can see more of Daniels work on his web site  DZ MODELS It's well worth a look to see his excellent work.

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Happy Modelling!