Thursday, 3 September 2015

My very own flight of fancy.........

I never built a "What If" project before now, but whilst at Duxford Flying Legend's last year I saw a most beautiful P-40 C in a natural metal finish. I knew I'd have to build one!

After much searching I found a base kit which was to be the 1/32 scale trumpeter P-40B.
I had heard that this kit was not the best out there but I sourced one from an auction site with a CMK resin cockpit for bargain price so it was lass of an outlay than buying the much more expensive Hasegawa kit.

The one area I had difficulty with was the markings, I didn't have any to match the airframe I was building! After a web search I still did not find any aftermarket decals that I liked. So there was only one thing for it-make it up as I went along!

That's when the "What If" ? idea came along............I thought I'd mark this airframe as if it were my own personal warbird. So, kit decals from the box and nose art with lettering from the aftermarket.

The kit was a pig of a thing to put together, the saving grace was the CMK resin 'pit that I got with the kit. It is superb and with a little surgery goes in without any fuss.

Once I got all the seams to line up filling and sanding commenced until I got to a place I could be happy with the airframe. As this was going to be a NMF machine I chose Alclad II white aluminium for the main colour. It went on well, but is a holy terror when it is masked. Best to apply a used tape which has less adhesion.

Eventually the paintwork was done and I could get on with the decals, this being my personal fighter, I named her after my wife Shelley Anne. I had to hunt around for some nose art that resembled her but I found what I needed from a pin up art specialist in California who sold me sheet of 1/32 pin ups online.

I also found at a show a Legend 1/32 "Flying Tiger" Pilot figure that I thought I could use to portray myself in 1/32 scale!

The finished build was placed on a display base with my figure and presented to my other half, who I am delighted to say loved this build!