Saturday, 10 October 2015

Goodbye Vulcan XH558.

This weekend marks the final flight of Vulcan XH558. This majestic aircraft, once a state of the art cold war warrior is now on her final approach..........

I was fortunate enough to see her fly just one more time at RAF Fairford in formation with the RAF Red Arrows. It was an incredible sight and one I will not forget.

This bomber was brought back to the skies over England by the Vulcan To The Sky project in 2008 a publicly funded charity with the sole aim of getting a Vulcan into the air again.

The British public did not disappoint and myself included gave what we could to this fund. XH558 returned to the skies. Since then the charity with the generous support of the public has raised the necessary £2 million per year to keep the Vulcan flying and bringing joy to aviation fans everywhere.

Sadly due to maintenance funding issues the Vulcan is to be retired this weekend. She will be missed and for those of us lucky enough to have seen her fly she will always evoke fond memories of airshow days gone by, of service memories and stories and of when the V Force stood in the front line during the cold war. It was the Vulcan bomber that carried out the famous Black Buck missions during the Falklands war. To many it was the Vulcan's finest hour.

So this post is dedicated to all Vulcan aircrew, Everyone involved in Vulcan To The Sky and to XH558 herself.  Goodbye and thank you.