Friday, 9 October 2015


Hello again!

Here we have the Hobbyboss 1/48 F/A-18C Hornet. This kit is a direct rival to the well known Hasegawa kit. Having now built both I can tell you that both kits are good, but the Hobbyboss kit is actually better.

The Hasegawa kit costs over £50.00 now and the Hobbyboss model can still be found for under £30.00. When you consider that the HB kit is cheaper, has crisper mouldings and far better detail, full warload and three choices of markings, you'd be mad not to give it  a try!

So why a gas burner? A few years back a certain USMC Squadron known as VFMA-122
"Crusaders" painted up their CAG bird in a lovely scheme with their trademark crusader cross on the tail fins and dark blue text over the grey airframe. It was a damn fine lookin' Hornet.

What with political correctness gone wild in our modern world, the USMC were ordered to re-paint these Hornets and to change their squadron name to The Werewolves. There is a bit more to it than that, but that is the bottom line.

When Two Bobs Aviation Graphics released a decal sheet with the Crusaders markings on it, I just had to build this aircraft! Plus I hate and detest the PC brigade! So this build is duly dedicated to the PC wingers of this world.

This model was a different process for me though, I experimented with new paints and new weathering techniques. I used Lifecolour acrylics for the first time. the shades used were dark and light US Ghost Gray. I think the colour matches were superb, but the paint is tricky to work with. It must be mixed with it's own brand thinner and it dries on the airbrush needle too quickly without a retarder. That said, I got the job done, it just took a bit more prep thats all.

The dark blue on the tails was mixed from Tamiya blues and black until I got a shade that looked correct to my eye. 
Weathering was applied via a new wash I have produced for myself for Grey paint schemes and the grey surface was broken up by a light oil dot filter. No dark shades used here apart fro airflow streaking. With this method, less is more.

No add ons on this build to the airframe except a seat harness I scratch built, the rest is straight from the box.  This build was started back in 2014, but due to my absence away from the bench it's only now she's ready for inspection...............

                                                          MACH ALTUS!