Sunday, 28 February 2016

Weekend Update!

Hello and welcome!

This weekend allowed me some extra time in the workshop  and I have been able to move my two on-going builds on a few more steps forward.

First we have...........

So when we last saw this build I had discovered that to make my Avenger a proper FAA Mk.III version, I needed to reconfigure the cockpit behind the pilots position.
This involved me making a scratch built seat, moving the US radio gear and installing an observers table. I had no reference pictures to work from so the chaps from helped me out with pictures of their FAA Avenger builds. Thanks Lads!

Once that was taken care of, I then had to mask up all of the glass on this airframe before painting could begin. There is a whole lotta masking to do here so I took the easy option and made use of the excellent Eduard pre-cuts masks for this model. I saved hours!

I have given the Avenger three misted coats of Gloss Sea Blue, this was my own mix from Tamiya acrylics using a 60/40 mix of Royal Blue and Sea Blue. I think I have got the right shade and depth, so I'm happy with it.

Here is a quick look at how I got on:

That's all for this update-see you on the next one. 
Happy Modelling!