Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Downtime? Well, the lack of it really!

Activity at the workbench has been short due to family and work so some welcome time to myself saw some more progress on my two current warbird projects. I have now applied decals to my P-47D and my Avenger Mk.III.

This part of the build process is always a welcome one for me as it marks an another hill that one has got over during a project.

Here's how the P-47 looks now its got its markings on:

The decals are quite thin and tear easily so even though there are not many decals to apply, one has taken time so as not to damage them. I have since run a new scalpel blade along the panels where the decals are and then applied a good soak of Micro Sol decal solution to help them to conform to the models surface.

The Avenger Mk.III is now looking the part as well! This one has had the same treatment as the P-47 and when the last soak of Micro Sol has dried I will be able to seal in the decals with a clear gloss varnish. Then the weathering can begin!

I have also taken another look at my "Shelf of Doom" Well, if you are a model builder and  I'm guessing that you are, then you'll be familiar with that certain kit in your stash that was started with the best of intentions and then.............Something went wrong or you lost interest with the project?

That is what happened to me with one certain build. About three years ago I was in the middle of a buddy build with one of my mates and we decided to both build an A4 Skyhawk. We are both fans of the "Scooter" and as it turns out we both opted for the same kit. Hasegawa's 1/48 A-4M.

Having previously built a Low Vis Skyhawk from the Monogram A4 kit and really enjoyed it, I wanted another. So I chose to build my kit in low vis grey.

 I used Lifecolor acrylics and to be honest the paintwork was OK but I saw so many missed seam lines that I had to sand down the nose and spine right back to plastic. Much filling and sanding went into the build which took away a great deal of detail in those area's.

I was not ready for a re-scribe and even more painting with this build so I put the model back in its box to be picked up again another day.

That day came recently when I saw a beautiful build of the same kit by a fellow modeller online and it was just the inspiration I needed! Only now I had to get rid of all those layers of paint on my build.

Having never stripped a full build before I took some advice from a friend who has perfected stripping the paint from his builds to a fine art! I asked him his secret and he told me-Mr Colour Levelling Thinner!

What can I say? This stuff works!

Now I just to re-scribe this scooter and correct the myriad of mistakes I made on it years ago! I'll post updates on this build on a "now and then" basis. Why? Because I hate re-scribing! It's going to take me some time, but hopefully not another three years! 

That's all from me for now. Take care and happy Modelling!