Tuesday, 15 March 2016

There is another.............

There is another.............X-Wing on my bench! After building and modifying Revell's T-70 X-Wing kit a while back I fancied having a go at building another one!

This version is going to be the mount of Resistance hot shot pilot Poe Dameron, I have an idea to have both of my T-70's on display flying in formation. For now I have re-sprayed the separate fuselage and wing parts and I am currently working on a pilot figure.

I am attempting to recreate the scene when Poe's squadron attacks at low level above the water, not sure how I am going to make a water display yet, but I have some idea's.

I'll post more progress on this build as I go along, hopefully the in-flight diorama I have planned will be worth the effort.  See you on the next update!