Monday, 21 March 2016

X-WING Fighters!

Or as Poe Dameron might say............."Whoooooo!!!!!!!" 

I can't say I blame him! Flying a new T-70 fighter at low level in formation must be a blast! 

So this weekend saw more work completed on my Poe Dameron Black X-Wing. This is the other 1/50 Revell kit I bought to accompany my previous T-70 build.
You can see that here I enjoyed the first model so much that I wanted to have another and the idea came to me to have them flying in formation like they did in The Force Awakens. 

I needed to recreate a stretch of water for them to fly over and this is not a diorama technique I know well so this was a huge learning curve! 

I have taken a display base that I had previously use to portray water and I decided to modify it a little. The base was plain MDF with plaster applied in a rough manner to simulate moving water. It was already painted a sea colour but it was not very nice to look at!

This time I re-painted the base with Tamiya Sea Blue and Tamiya Royal Blue acrylic paint. I airbrushed these colours in layers to build up the depth of colour. I then dry-brushed white onto the raised area's to simulate ripples in the waters surface. To complete the look I airbrushed a high gloss varnish to the water to give it a shiny wet look. 

The Revell X-Wing is a pre painted snap kit, so as with the last build I have re-sprayed it. This time I used Tamiya NATO Black and my own mix of faded orange.
I also made a 1/48 figure of Poe Dameron for the cockpit. I have a BB-8 figure as well, but as he's so small he is difficult to paint! 

The black X-Wing is not finished! But as I needed to fit the models with clear acrylic rod for the display base, I thought I would take a few "in progress" photo's! 

One I have the black X-wing glossed and weathered fitted with it's droid, then it will be completed. Please forgive my photography! I did not have a background large enough to display this piece! 

Here is how the display looks, I hope you enjoy it! I will of course post more pictures when the models are finished.

That's all for now! Take care and Happy Modelling!