Saturday, 2 April 2016

"Form up on me!" T-70 X-Wing Fighters


Welcome back to The Scale Model Hangar! 

As you already know, I recently completed building Revell's snap fit T-70 X-Wing from Star Wars-The Force Awakens. I enjoyed this kit so much that I decided to build another one! These kits are aimed at the younger modeller and they come pre-painted in the box ready to remove from the sprues and snap together.

They are not as nice as the 1/7s scale Bandai kits, but.......with a little work something pleasing to the eye can be achieved. 

Being approx 1/50 scale models I was able to take advantage of the 1/48 pilot figures in my spares box and turn them into resistance fighter pilots. I also made up some a droid for the rear of the Blue III fighter and modified the BB-8 droid that came with the Black Leader fighter. This one is Poe Dameron's X-Wing and as such I did my best to make my own 1/48 Poe figure.......OK, so it doesn't look very much like him-but it will do! 

Both X-wings were repainted and weathered to my own taste.This being a Sci-Fi build, I allowed myself a little artistic license! I think the combat weary look suits these models.

I wanted to display both X-Wings in flight so I needed a way to display them. My hope was to recreate the scene in the movie where the X-Wings fly over water at low level, I kept things simple here. The base is MDF with plaster spread on top to simulate moving water. The plaster was then painted in various shades of blue to add depth and a finishing coat of Future gloss sealed everything in. 

Here is how it turned out in the end.........


This was a fun project and it was great to share with all the Star Wars fans in my family. I hope you enjoy the picture's, thanks for visiting!

All the best,