Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Ju 88 C 6 Zerstörer


I have had this old build on my shelf for quite some time and it was looking the worse for wear so I have given it a new paint job! 

This is the very first kit I bought from the internet many years ago now and I had a great time building it. This is the 1/48 Dragon Ju 88 C 6 Zerstörer. The C6 version was a heavy fighter version of the infamous Ju-88 bomber. The bomb aimers window was replaced with a solid metal nose which housed forward looking machine guns. 

This C6 belonged to Zerstorerstaffel 4./KG 76 based at Taganrog, Ukraine, late 1942. So as it was an eastern front aircraft I chose to weathering accordingly. 
I am no expert on Luftwaffe winter camouflage so I just went with what looked "right" to me

I added some Verlinden figures and old fuel drums to set the scene. The base was entirely home made. Over the years the model and base collected a lot of dust being stuck in a dark corner of the workshop, so I hope this modelling "Makeover" will put some new life back into this old build.