Monday, 11 April 2016


Yes it's another Work In Progress post!

This Tamiya kit seems to be taking it's time coming together doesn't it? Well, after I got the landing gear assembled and painted I began to weather the airframe and chose my wing loadout for this model.

As these P-47's were used for ground support I have decided to add both bombs and rockets to this one! I have them painted up now, I just need to finish them. The decals for the bombs are very thick and silver badly. I also ran into problems with the yellow circle decal for the front end of the bombs. I will need to paint that part I think!

I have added a fade coat to the paintwork and I have added paint chipping to high wear area's of the airframe. Hopefully next weekend will see this project completed. In the meantime here's how my P-47 looks after an evening at the bench........