Saturday, 21 May 2016

1/72 Revell B-17G Work In Progress.

Oh my eyes are killing me! Yes, I'm in unfamiliar territory here, I'm working in 1/72 scale! I guess my eyes are not what they used to be! 

Despite my tired optics I have begun to move forward with this build and as usual with bombers, work has begun inside the fuselage. Revell's new tool B-17 mould is impressive!
There's lots of detail on the inner fuselage surface, the different crew compartments are well represented in this scale and although its unlikely I will be able to make out much of this detail, I'm giving it a basic paint job as it would be a shame not to use all of these details that the kit includes.

I'm well impressed with the Norton Bomb sight and those .50 Cal machine guns, the detail is well done and the kit parts are broken down so that the modeller has good opportunity to make the most of this kit. I have to admit I am struggling with this scale, but I am  enjoying the build so far and I'm glad that readers of this blog voted for this kit. 
I just hope I do it justice! 

Here is the progress I have made so far......

Well thats all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed this update. Have a great weekend and Happy Modelling!


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