Sunday, 12 June 2016

Generation Kill. A diorama work in progress..........


Some books really inspire one's imagination and after reading Evan Wright's
"Generation Kill" I wanted to build a Humvee! But not just any Humvee-I wanted to build  a Humvee from the USMC 1st Recon Batt. which went by the callsign "Hitman 2-1"

I also watched the HBO acclaimed TV production of Generation Kill which went to great lengths to get the details just right. It's a very honest account of one company and their experiences during operation Iraqi Freedom.

After watching the series, it occured to me that I quite like the design of the Humvee and having never built one I decided to grab a couple of kits and see what I could make out of them.

So far I have three Hummers in 1/35, the Tamiya, Academy and Zedvada kits. I have also collected a number of various figures to put this project together. I'm not a great armour builder, nor a diorama expert! But..... I love models that depict real world events. In this case, two Humvee's from 1st Recon Batt. USMC somewhere in Iraq.

I'm going to take a long time with this build, its a pick up/put back down project, so I hope you enjoy what I do with this one and stay with me! 
This is how the project looks so far..........

So I have begun work on the Tamiya and Zedvada kits. The difference in quality between these two kits is self evident so all I will say about that is you get what you pay for.....

Work started with the Tamiya kit and I sanded down the doors as the USMC Hummers had plain doors on their vehicles. The interior is good and the fit of parts was great-a nice easy assembly!

Here is the Zedvada kit, I needed this kit to portray an open top vehicle. As you can see, its quite basic!

Here is a good view of the sanded down doors painted up in a custom sand colour and grey mottle.

Here is the lead Hummer with it's finished paint job. 

Here I have sprayed the sand mix colour on the open top Hummer.

I will post more on the project as I go, I am still gathering figures and accessories as I go!

Happy Modelling!