Sunday, 26 June 2016

Humvee Work in Progress


Welcome back to The Scale Model Hangar-or should I re-name this blog The guy who doesn't get time to build models anymore! I have been sooo busy! 

Yes after a very hetic couple of weeks I have actually made it to the haven of calm that is my studio where I can sit and build models.........Aaahhh  BLISS! 

So what have I been up to? The Generation Kill dio and it's Humvee's have taken up most of my hobby time as the more I look at the real vehicle's I see more that I need to do! 
Damn and Blast! 

The first Hummer is made from the Tamiya kit and is quite straightforward as it was build from the box. The only mods here were the new doors and now a large amount of stowage on the rear. This included the spare wheel and its cover. Now I usually take WIP/How to pics as I go along but as time has ben of the essence, that did not happen.  So for those who want to know how to knock up a quick and easy canvas cover I will do a How to later on in the build. I have also finished the ID panel on the hood of the vehicle which again was homemade. 

I had a ton of trouble trying to figure out how to get those 2/BRAVO markings on the Humvee door as there are no decals out there! I tried to paint it freehand and it was a disaster! In the end I made a mask and sprayed the markings on. The result is not perfect, but to my eye it will do. So here is what my lead Hummer looks like now:

Our next hummer is what I now lovingly refer to as the convertible! This build is a mix of the Academy and Zvesda kits. After the basic build up of the Zvesda chassis and body shell I have added the Academy wheel hubs and rubber tyres and then began painting the vehicle. Now depending on which references one choses to follow the light sand and mottle paint job varies. In this instance I chose light sand with a grey mottle. It is a very subtle  combination that I thought worked quite well. I have since come across some new reference photo's that show the mottle colour to be a brown shade. Hmmm.......I may have to do some more work here........! 

I also needed to scratch build a mount for the .50 Cal, I had all sorts of trouble here as I didn't want to go out and buy an expensive resin conversion set for the sake of one part. So I elected to make my own. This took a lot of time, swearing and coffee! I just not could get it to look "right" or accurate! 

In the end I reached a compromise that looks OK, but is not accurate, so the rivet counters will have have one up on me! Never mind! 

I also made a base for the dio which you can see in the photo's, this was quick and easy to do as the groundwork was quite basic. Both Hummers need much more detailing and I have a lot of weathering process's to get through as well. Like I said, this is a long term project! 

Here are a couple of pictures of the vehicles I am attempting to replicate in 1/35 scale:

That's all for now, I am still plodding along with the B-17 and P-47 builds and will write up their respective WIP's when I get more work completed on them.

Until next time take care and Happy Modelling!