Monday, 4 July 2016

Generation Kill Hummvee Diorama Work In Progress. 4th July 2016

Hello and welcome back!

"Last time on Scale Model Hangar............"

We saw me get the camo sorted on the Hummvee's and I began to add some details, mainly small scratch building and stowage. You can see all of that here:

Today, I had an evening to myself so I set about adding some more of the completed stowage and I began the weathering process. I choose to make a dark sand colour wash from tempera paints. I still have more detail painting to do, more detail items to add, but the dio is beginning to come together at last!

I also had time to assemble and prime my figures. These are a mix of Trumpeter, Masterbox and Spares as I needed to do a little conversion work.

Here is how the Hummvee's looked at the end of play tonight:

Here are the motley crew that will join the Hummvee's soon!

That's all for now, take care and happy modelling!