Thursday, 25 August 2016

Imperial sniper.


After having such fun with my American Sniper figure, I wanted to try my hand at more figure work. This time, the figure comes in the form of the 1/12 Bandai Sandtrooper.
As regular readers will know, I am a huge Star Wars fan so the chance to have a go at modelling a well known SW character was a project I could not resist!

These figure kits are fantastic! They come pre-painted on the sprue and just click together. The thought and layout of the fit and parts is right up there as one of the best fitting kits I've ever worked on. I have already purchased the phase 2 clone trooper kit as I really like the look of the armour on that figure as well.This kit is great value for money too, you get a choice of poses with full articulation, separate weapons to choose from and other equipment. Bandai also provide sheets of decals and stickers for the smaller details as well.

I have already assembled the figure, this took me a leisurely couple of hours and was so easy to do! If only Bandai made model aircraft! 

Here is the result of what I have done so far, I will add a lot of weathering to this figure as to make him appear as though he is on patrol somewhere on Tatooine. 

Hope you like what you have seen of this one so far! Take care and Happy Modelling!