Sunday, 28 August 2016



Welcome to my latest Work In Progress, this week sees the beginning of my old 1/35 scale Italeri A1-1W USMC Cobra attack helicopter. 

I bought this kit years ago and recently found it when going through my kit collection. It's been ages since I've built a helicopter and I really want to have a crack at this one!

The kit is a re-issue of the 1992 MRC moulding and it has stood up well to the passage of time. The decals were not so great so I am replacing them with an after market option from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics. 

The kit does not have the NTS upgrade so I will be making a few modifications here and there, but I will keeping this build as hassle free as I can as I want to enjoy building it as opposed to worrying about accuracy. 

I plan to end up with a Desert Storm machine something like this:

I have started with the cockpit, no aftermarket parts here, this is all hand painted by me!

Next came the pilot's instrument panel. There is a lot of raised detail here so it's worth careful painting to bring the panel to life.

The gunner's panel. Again this piece benefits from careful painting.

I want to display my Cobra with her crew so I found a USMC Cobra pilot from D-Toys. It's a fantastic moulding, but expensive! Plus I need two figures! 

I solved my problem by modifying a 1960's Huey pilot, I have added modern body armour, patch pockets and NVG gear.