Sunday, 18 September 2016

Work In Progress: USMC AH-1W COBRA.


I have worked hard on the interior for my 1/35th Cobra this weekend. Watching DVD's of Generation Kill is great inspiration for any USMC build! Armed with new inspiration I have managed to finish the figures for the crew and add a few details to the cockpit area.

The figure in front is the D-Toys resin figure. The one behind is scratch built by myself from figure parts in the spares box. I thought I did a fair job on that-you be the judge! 

 I added home made seat harness's, blocked off the pilots bulkhead and added some wiring to the new boxes on the pilots I/P. 
As usual, both instrument panels were hand painted by me as described in my previous posts. It has taken so many hours to get this part of the build completed that to me, it feels like a model in it's own right! 

I hope you like what I've done with this one! Take care and Happy Modelling!