Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Works in progress........


This week actually given me some time in the studio and I have been busy with a new project. This being the old 1/48 Academy Mig-21 MF.  I choose this kit from my stash as I wanted a change of pace and something fun that I could build straight out of the box.

Despite it's age, this is quite a good kit. The two let downs are the cockpit and the decals. The office lacks sidewall detail and the bang seat could have been better. That aside, the rest of this kit has good stuff inside the box. Exterior details and underwing stores are well done and will hopefully enable me to bring out some interesting elements to this build. 

So far I have only one modification, that is a couple of sidewall consoles in the cockpit scratch built form plastic card. All the other detail id from the kit and has been enhanced with careful painting with oils. 

As of tonight I have the markings on and glossed ready for weathering. Here is how the build looks now......

I know a few of you have asked "What happened to the B-17 that you were working on?
Well, even though it was a people's choice build I have had to put it down as this kit was making me miserable! I made a couple of mistakes early on in the build that have had a huge effect on the fit of exterior parts further down the road. So until I figure out how to move forward with this one I will shelve it for another day......

I have also begun to work on a Tamiya 1/48 F-16C. This is a highly detailed but complex kit so it may well take me a while. I hope I do better with this one! 

That's all for now! Take care and Happy Modelling!