Monday, 2 January 2017

The New year Revolution!

Hello and Happy New Year!

So what's in store for this blog and my bench this year? 

Well, there will be no list of kits that I am going to build for the year. Whenever I do that, it never works out and I end up building something else entirely! 

One thing I will do is have a good clear out in the studio as I have too much stuff in there! 

I have boxes of modelling magazines stacked on the floor taking up space, hundreds of kits in my stash with no hope of ever being built in my lifetime, so some of it has to go! 

Yes, I will have to consign old, unloved kits to ebay oblivion! I don't want to do it but it needs to be done. So next weekend I will be having a sort through my stash.

I don't know about you, but looking through the stash often brings back memories and provides renewed inspiration for long forgotten subjects, which make me talk myself into "Well I'll keep that one." This is my trouble, I love my older kits! I have to choose between more kits and less space or less kits and more space. Decisions, decisions........

Then there is the problem of display space. My shelves are full of completed builds and some will have to go. I am not sure about how I will choose what has to go as I love them all. The good and the bad! 

I don't know what the answer will be. Should I give some away? Sell a few? Would anyone want one? Will I end up breaking them for spares? 

Speaking of spares, I have four deep draws of them! I can't fit anything else in there either!

So I guess the theme here is out with the old and in with the new. 

I never thought I would want to take anything out of the studio, I never imagined that I would run out of space! But there we are. Times change, people move on. 

Hence, a New Year Revolution! 

I want this blog to be better in both content and presentation so I will have to produce better models as well as articles. With that in mind I am going to pick a project to start this month and I intend to write an informative and entertaining "Step by Step" build article. 

As far as modelling goes there are some skills that I need to work on. I am still learning all the time and I really want to produce a quality diorama this year. I enjoyed my "Generation Kill" diorama so much that I want to do more. So my figure painting, detailing and weathering require improvement! 

As I said before, no kit list. But, I can promise warbirds, armour, that diorama and maybe little bit of sci-fi too. An eclectic mix of models that I'll enjoy building and all being well, that you may enjoy seeing. 

Happy Modelling!