Sunday, 19 February 2017


Hello again!

I'm in somewhat of a philosophical mood as my passion for scale modelling is changing direction. I have a lot going on in my head right now and I thought I'd share my own personal view of why I am heading in a different direction.

Firstly, I have been reading in many blogs and web pages about a suddenly high rise of negative attitudes to modellers and the subjects they build and write about.

I know I have my own strong opinions on certain things but I would never slate another modeller for building or painting in a certain way. I read and enjoy other pages to learn from other fellow modellers, sure I might not enjoy one article more than another.......That does not entitle me or anyone else to troll someone else's work. I find this negativity repugnant and it has certainly put me off participating on forums that I once enjoyed and contributed to. Life if too short! The petty squabbling and tit for tat posting I see on forums who are either too PC or too far gone are not my scene anymore. 

My page has a small following, so what I write here will not change anything but I feel the need to address my thoughts here and perhaps answer a few questions from the small number of fellow modellers who are my friends. 

I am not producing as many models as I used to? 

This is because I have a busy life. Family first. Work next. Both take up most of my time so time in the studio is few and far between. I think most serious modellers can appreciate this.

I'm building more 1/35 subjects? 

Yes, I am! I cannot call myself an exclusive aircraft builder anymore as I am enjoying a new lease of life in the 1/35th scale world. There is so much for me to learn, experience and enjoy. My current LRDG project is evidence for my new enthusiasm. 

Quitting forums for good?

No. Not quite. I will still post on the few forums I am still a member of. But only to see and enjoy the work of other modellers. I will post my completed works as I like to see what the feedback is like. I am done with posting links to my WIP's as certain forums get all bent out of shape when I do that. Shame. 
Yes, all right then. It would be nice to post all the WIP stuff on a forum. But when nobody engages with me I am minded not to bother........So now I don't.

Models Shows. What's your problem?

 I do not have a problem with model shows. I have a problem with one certain show and as such I do not attend it anymore. Therefore, there's no more problem! I don't want to talk about it anymore. 'Nuff said!

Publishing reviews and being honest about them? Maybe too honest?

Yeah.......Now here's a can of worms right? Remember I mentioned negative attitudes earlier? Many of the modellers I respect publish their own take on a kit and get trolled for it. Why? Because some small minded little pricks can't handle  opinions! When I review something it is a straight up, uncensored, personal opinion based on my own experience. This is to give my audience a chance to get my take on what is good or bad about the model I am writing about. That's all. 

What about all those completed builds? Where are they going?

If you are a regular reader you may recall that I have run out of display space in my studio. I have to make room for new builds one way or another. 
So what are my options? 
* I can sell some of them to make room. Maybe?
* I can break them up for spares? 
* I can give some away to friends. (Done that already. They only want the ones I want to keep myself!) 

I have come to a decision to try selling a couple of builds in the future on an auction site. I don't expect much in terms of money, or sales! But I would like to "test the water" if I have any success, I will try to sell some more. In case you are wondering, no I won't be advertising my works as "pro built" I am not a pro-builder and I am not God's gift to modelling! I'd just like my work to end up with someone that might enjoy it for what it is. I plan to write about my experience in doing this in a later post. 

Reducing the stash? ....It had to happen! 

Oh man I hate this! I have so many great kits! But as in the topic above, I haven't enough room for them. I will make a pile of kits to go and price them up. Not happy about it, but its time. It's a ball ache, I hate it.

What's next?

My blog and FB page will still be much the same, a few tweaks here and there. I want to get a bigger audience for this blog so I need to perhaps build better models eh? I don't get a lot of feedback  but my blogger stats tell me that more and more people are finding this page and reading the articles. If that's you THANK YOU! 

Well, this is enough of me and my musings for now. Its good to get a few things off my chest in a modelling sense!  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, Take care and Happy Modelling!