Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Moving on....

"It's time for me to move on."


This will be the last post of The Scale Model Hangar in it's current form. I have been using this platform for the last couple of years and while I have enjoyed it, it has never really allowed me to run my blog the way I want to. To this end, I now have moved to another platform that allows me to connect with my readers and allows better access for my followers. 

The Scale Model Hangar has a new website and is destined for bigger and better things! 
You can find the models, the articles and me here:

I invite you to join me and follow my works and musings with the same sense of fun that we have always had here. You can expect to see more models, more step by step builds, more reviews and more opinion. And yes, I will share my modelling highs and lows as I have always done! 

My new website is also directly connected to the Scale Model Hangar Facebook page where I show case scale modelling works from artists and builders from around the world. 
You can enjoy them here:

It's a great read when you are enjoying your morning coffee! It's great when you just want to be inspired and it really does get the creative mojo going. Go have a look! 

This blog has quite a following with over 140 visitors each day and 38,000 visitors over two years with  many modellers sharing the page on their own blog pages. If that is you, THANK YOU! 

I want to give special thanks to  Eric and Peter and Joe for supporting my page. Thank you! I hope I see you on the new Scale Model Hangar soon!

Thank you visiting, following and enjoying my blog. Hope to see you on the next one! 

All the best and Happy Modelling!